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Conservation and Environment

eco.2Hondo Hondo lies on an area of previously farmed and cleared parcel of land adjoining the Udzungwa Mountains National Park (for more information on the park please click here). One of our over-arching goals is to regenerate and replant the land to bring it back to its original rainforest habitat. This project is underway with (to date) 400 indigenous trees having been planted across the site and more planting planned for next rainy season.

We consider efficient energy use to be a major priority and to this end have initiated a number of policies. All lighting in the camp is provided by LEDs or CFL bulbs, both energy efficient forms of lighting. All our electric power comes from our own specially designed micro hydro power generator, which supplies enough power to run the camp and charge a back up system of inverter and batteries. All our water is heated using a solar piping system, providing hot water on demand. We are thus entirely run from renewable energy.

All water for the Lodge is drawn from a stream in the mountains, providing a clean perennial source of freshwater. This is all of course under agreement with the National Water Authorities, the National Park and the local village community, and initiated only after it was established that there would be minimal impact of the environment and no conflict with the water demands of the local community.


eco.3At Hondo Hondo we take our position in the local community seriously and we are a paid-up member of the village, contributing to all major decisions and a part of regular life in the valley. We work closely with the village chief (Mwanakiti translating from Swahili as Man of the Chair) and the committee of elders. Advice from these community leaders guides us on where we can best aid the community.

Education and schooling is always an area needing attention in rural Africa, and Mang’ula village is no exception. We work closely with the schools, and for info please see our pages on Community work and Schools work.

We have a number of additional policies which ensure we operate in a responsible and sustainable fashion. To download this document for viewing please click here.

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