How To Get To Amani Forest Camp – Emau Hill

Amani Forest Camp is in the East Usambara mountains, 1h  north of Muheza on the road to Tanga. It is not near Lushoto, and around an hour closer to Dar.

FLY – Tanga

There are several aviation companies offering regular flights to Tanga, which is also only about 80km scenic drive away. We organise transfers to and from the airstrip and can organise flights to/from Tanga from Arusha, Dar es Salaam, or Zanzibar


Most people who visit Amani Forest Camp are self-drive or come by road with their tour operator. We also organise vehicle transport if you need a transfer from Dar or Moshi/Arusha

Emau Hill is about 400km almost due North of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, not far after Segera on the road to Tanga. Leaving Dar very early (before 6am) can help to avoid some of the traffic on the roads and make for a great sunrise around the Ruvu River (and endemic weavers).

  • To drive, take the Bagamoyo road out of Dar es Salaam, and continue for around 4-5 hours through Bagamoyo to Msata (turn right).
  • At Segera (turn right to towards Tanga) and drive 30km to Muheza
  • We are 40km from Muheza.
  • In Muheza follow signs for Amani Nature Reserve.
  • Go through Bombani and after Kisiwani (about 1h) enter the Amani Nature Reserve at Zigi where any entry fees are paid ($10 for a non citizen)
  • Climb through a series of hairpin bends towards Amani.
  • Do NOT take the right turn to Derema,
  • Go through Amani towards Kwamkoro and, 1 1/2km after ANR HQ,
  • Carry on past HQ for about 5 -10 minutes(depending on your vehicle)
  • Sign on right  pointing right to EMAU HILL. 3km.
  • Take this narrow track through forest and farms, cross a small river, and fish ponds
  • Through forest and up a hill to Emau Hill Forest Camp.
  • Find us on google Earth: 05 6 45 43S,  38 36 36 55E

Journey time from Tanga: 3hrs

From Dar 5.30 hrs

From Moshi  4.30 hrs

From Arusha 5.30 hrs

Sometimes, in the wet season the road is not suitable for non-4×4 vehicles. During these times, you can leave your car at the park gate and we can transfer you to the camp (cost $25 each way per vehicle). The road to Amani is at this moment being surfaced properly, so hopefully this wont be necessary fro much longer.


There are many buses stopping at Muheza from all over the country. There are two buses operating from Muheza to Amani leaving in the afternoon. We can organise a car to come and pick you up – the most popular option  – from either Muheza (cost $100 each way per vehicle) or from Amani Village (cost $12 each way)