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Amani Nature Reserve

The family friendly Amani Nature Reserve (ANR) is the largest forested reserve located in the heart of the East Usambara Mountains.  The forests consist of tall, luxurious sub-montane forests and deciduous to semi-deciduous lowland forests.  The reserve has exceptional conservation values that include a rain forest, biological diversity; endemic, endangered and threatened flora and fauna including African Violets (Saint Paulia) the Usambara eagle owl and a viviparous frog species. There are also historical sites and the famous Amani Botanical Garden (the oldest and and one of the most diverse in Tanzania), located near the Visitor’s Centre at Ziggi.

Primarily the reserve can be explored on foot and there are many trails ranging from short child-friendly strolls, to multi day hiking expeditions. The most popular hikes include Mbomole Hill  (1050 mt), The Waterfall Trail and Zigi Mountain, looking for monkeys, birds and chameleons and enjoying the spectacular views over the forests.  Reserve Fees are very affordable and payable at Ziggi Gate. Much more information is available on request.