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Emau Hill is a comfortable and friendly base in the heart Amani Nature Reserve, East Usambara. Amani Nature Reserve is one Tanzania’s least known and yet most beautiful reserves. Built by an entirely local workforce and staffed by members of the community, Emau Hill, or Amani Forest Camp, was originally set up by an NGO working in collaboration with the local church. It has been developed with the aim of improving community livelihoods as well as providing a great place for visitors to visit the spectacular Amani Nature Reserve and stay.

We are proud of our low-impact, eco-friendly ethos and we continue to find ways to improve our services to our guests while using recognised best practice to keep our footprint on the Earth as small as possible. We use renewable energy from solar panels and composting toilets to keep our impact on the local environment to a minimum. We support a variety of community initiatives including a women’s craft workshop skill development program.

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