East Usambaras

Amani Forest Camp – Emau Hill is located in the biodiversity hotspot that is the East Usambara Mountain Range. The East Usambaras form part of the the Eastern Arc Mountain Range. This range has been known as the Galapogos of Africa owing to the exceptional degree of endemism. The Eastern Arc occupies just 2% of Tanzania’s land area yet is home to over 40% of the species found here.

The East Usambara mountains are a large range of Precambrian metamorphic formations made mainly of acid-gneisses and amphiboles. These mountains were formed by faulting and uplifting around the time the East African Rift Valley sunk. This process created the catchment area and its forests which provide ultimately provide the water to a majority of the population of northeast Tanzania.forest2013-10-29_11.52.48DSCF4729