At the Camp

Traditional Ngoma Drumming

We can arrange for a traditional local group to come and drum and dance for clients entertainment after dinner. A group of village farmers have formed a drumming group who perform a traditional “Ngoma” (meaning drum in KiSwahili) at Emau on request. They also perform in the village at weddings and at the end of the harvest. Most of music is instrumental, with drums, percussion, whistles and some wind instruments and has a lively rhythm. The words to the songs are generally ad-lib (created live) and refer to current events and situations. This is a truly atmospheric experience to be enjoyed beside a log fire.

Birding around Emau Hill

Just walking around the camp, and the surrounding fields and forests you can see many species of bird.   Take the enclosed bird checklist with you and see how many you can spot – and if you can add to the list! Please be careful not to trample our any crops, but do feel welcome to wander around the fields. All our neighbours are friendly.

Relaxing Around the Camp

Wander around the camp, and relax in our sofas or forest seats, at the bar or on your chosen spot. A kids pool can be set up on request, and some games can be found in the Hornbill Bar.  Wherever you decide to settle, drinks and snacks can be brought to you throughout the day by our friendly staff.

Eco Friendly Tour

Our electrical power is generated in season by our solar power panel and individual mini solar lanterns light our paths at night. We are looking into biogas generator for cooking from kitchen waste. We use composting toilets to limit the waste water and provide fertiliser.  Please ask to have a look or find out more about any of these initiatives