Ecological Responsibility

Conservation and Environment

Amani Forest Camp at Emau Hill lies on an area of previously farmed and cleared parcel of land adjoining the Amani Nature Reserve.  We consider efficient energy use and minimal water wastage to be a major priority and have taken steps to ensure Emau Hill has as small a  footprint as possible.

All lighting in the camp is provided by LEDs, an energy efficient form of lighting. All our electricity comes from our solar panels which charge a back up system of inverter and batteries.

All water for the Lodge is drawn from a stream in the mountains, providing a clean perennial source of freshwater. This is all of course under agreement with the National Water Authorities, the National Park and the local village community, and initiated only after it was established that there would be minimal impact of the environment and no conflict with the water demands of the local community.

Our toilets are composting, locally constructed under strict health and hygiene regulations.  This reduces the use of water and impact on the environment, and provides a source of fertiliser for the camp flower gardens.  For information on the construction and operation of these please do ask at the camp.

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At Emau Hill we take our position in the local community seriously and we are a paid-up member of the village, contributing to all major decisions and a part of regular life in the area.

We work closely with the village chief (Mwanakiti translating from Swahili as Man of the Chair) and the committee of elders. Advice from these community leaders guides us on where we can best aid the community.

We work with a womens group to provide tailored items for sale in the Amani Womens Craft Workshop and we help the women to get their products to markets beyond the mountains.

We also work closely with the Catholic Church on a tree planting programme providing trees through a nursery scheme to impoverished local farmers.

Having been originally set up by an NGO Tukae, our ethos is about community development and income generation and we try to employ as wide a number of local people as possible.

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